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Episode 6: Tell the World

Ellen struggles with another loss and James’ poor health. This inspires new visions about health and education which propels them in a new direction. Faced with profound limitations the leaders of this new movement have to decide how large their vision is.

Episode 1 | Reluctant Preacher

A new-England farmer reluctantly starts preaching about Daniel and Revelation when he is asked to share his unique understanding of prophecy.

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Episode 2 | Jesus Is Coming

William is helped by pastor and publicist Joshua Himes to shake the United States by proclaiming the Second Coming of Jesus Christ was imminent.

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Episode 3: Bitter Disappointment

Jesus doesn’t come on the predicted date of Oct 22, 1844. Awakening the next day they discover their world is in chaos. A small group gathers to find a new understanding of what happened.

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Episode 4 | Faith Tested

Experiencing bitter poverty and trying to rebuild their lives, the small group starts growing into a larger movement once again. However, confusion is wide spread as teenager Ellen White starts receiving visions.

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Episode 5 | Foundations Laid

James romances Ellen into marriage and they inspire the publishing of a paper that reaches new believers across America. The group is forced to organize and choose a name for their movement. But profound grief is about to hit them.

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